Minimalist approach to the quality of life

How minimalism approach the quality of life.

We are always engaging the impact of media presenting all materialistic measures of happiness. People always looking for information about their interests whether it is about food, a variety of brands of shoes, bags, clothing, gadgets, laptop, camera, cars, housewares, real estate service, computer, books and etc, it depends on what they wanted and what they needed. That is actually normal because that is part of learning and that’s how we evolved, we are the seeker of information regardless of what we want and need to address our capacity to have it and to attain an amount of happiness or satisfaction.

The problem is we tend to dispose the discipline we should undertake before we decide whether to buy that stuff or not and we haven’t thought that there are important things that matter most. We are not aware that we are possessing the behavior of collecting things and boasting to feed up our fantasy and to feel proud of it.

Exhibiting or collecting stuff that eventually after a year it might end up in a box in the storage room uncleaned and full of dust. It is chaos to see your house full of things not organize and it really affects our mind and spirit.

Considering the behavior of being a minimalist, you have to understand the importance of what you have and what you really need. Think of what is important instead of possessing everything.

It is easy to get lost in spending money on things just because you’re bored and eventually you will realize that some things you bought is just a form of temporary happiness or maybe not, you just been force by your uncontrolled impulse that distracted your focus by only watching ads on tv, billboards, posters and especially on the internet world.

Be positive in every details on your life. Try to appreciate simple things first. You may want to walk alone, just like you are having a me time. It is just how you set your mind on things in every situations. Once you master it you can avoid the mind persuasive marketing techniques of a sales entity that interrupts you for buying their stuff. You may want to call this emotional abstinence.

Minimalism is a skill in finding inner peace, fulfillment, order and freedom. Freedom from anxiety, freedom from depression and it also helps you to attain financial freedom. You can save money by living with less stuff and you may want to adjust your financial performance. You can practice this behaviour by improving your financial descipline to achieve your monetary goals.

Minimalism is a tool to letting us grow and assist us to see what we have missed. It allows us to clear our mind from the distraction of figments or fantasy. Lot of things will change if you constantly practice this behaviour. It will expand and enhance your financial safety net that protects you from financial crisis. It will enlarge your potential to a new opportunities. The important matter is the quality of our life not the quantity of things that we have.

To be more specific on how to apply minimalism. You may want to categorize to sort things out.

Buying – Don’t purchase things that might end in up useless. You can easily find things you may need in the future.Having less items in your house, clearly simple and well order can boost the rythm of your relationship between you and your family.

Food – Eating too much is unhealthy. Just take a simple diet that has a nutritional value aiding your lasting health.

Daily Activities – Don’t over stress yourself from work. Always give time to recreational activities together with your families and friends.

Attain what is important and look to simple pleasures. Make a goal and stay focus to success.

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” – Vernon Howard

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

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